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3D Scalp Micropigmentation at Simon Symeou SMP

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3D Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a popular non-surgical procedure whereby realistic looking hair follicles are replicated by a dedicated SMP specialist. So if you’re losing your hair, SMP provides a natural and guaranteed solution if you’re going through stages of hair loss including:
hair thinning, pattern baldness, scalp scarring, receding hairline, alopecia and similar.

By applying custom ink with a micro-needle, pigment is applied to a layer of the skin, to create what seemingly looks like hair follicles.

The 3D scalp micropigmentation effect is an illusion and doesn’t actually change the texture of the skin. SMP does not affect hair growth of natural healthy hair follicles, and doesn’t affect hair regrowth.

3D SMP adds depth and definition, and offers more realistic, denser (if density is required) and a natural-looking appearance.

Before treatment takes place, there must be a specific focus on the process and how it unfolds, including an emphasis on the initial consultation, preferred styles and outcomes, as well as the actual SMP treatment plan at the SMP clinic.

There are SMP technicians who can only promote the idea of 3D because they haven’t quite mastered the artistry that surrounds it. Simon Symeou SMP regards 3D SMP as the norm for realistic & natural SMP results.

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Every client has a unique scalp size and shape, and so too are the expectations, hair colour, and the overall amount of hair loss (Norwood for men and Ludwig for women). Being mindful of the diversity, SMP specialists who are able to replicate the appearance of 3D hair follicles, are best equipped to cater to the needs of the majority, to ensure the SMP treatment plan is tailored correctly in each case.

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Several factors are taken into account: how much hair loss, the current hairline structure and where the natural hairline is, scalp skin tone, and what the client expects the final result to look like. The aim is to not only achieve natural results, but SMP to complement the features and characteristics of the face as well as client preferences.


A very important and critical step in the SMP process is the in-person assessment. This is not a formality because there’s alot to establish for the technician and the client. During this session, the assessment includes:

  • the client’s scalp condition
  • skin type & skin physiology
  • the pattern of hair loss
  • the amount of hair loss
  • any medical conditions & if the medicines affect the skin and hair growth
  • take a look at the client’s health history and any potential contraindications for the procedure


It’s an opportunity to set realistic expectations and to explain the process, how long it will take, how many sessions, and what the client can expect as a realistic outcome.


This phase cannot be underestimated and stands as an integral part of the in-depth SMP consultation process. A collaborative, inclusive approach addresses issues around hair loss and brings importance upon the client’s self-confidence and how comfortable the client feels with their own appearance. Aims:

  • discuss client’s preferred styles and desired outcomes.
  • client expresses what they are hoping to achieve.
  • the technician takes the time to understand, interpret and visualise what the client is aiming for
  • discuss the various styling for the hairline, density, and shading to make sure the end result aligns with what the client expects.


Every aspect of the treatment is customised and meticulously planned, and this maximises the probability of obtaining great SMP results. From the initial consultation to the final session, the client’s individuality is respected, and ensures a unique outcome.

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Pigment is added layer by layer thus:

  • a lighter pigment shade is deposited into the scalp.
  • a slightly darker pigment is used in the next sessions.
  • darker pigment is applied during the final session – a highly skilled SMP technician will achieve the correct texturing to get the precise 3D effect.
  • as a result, the pigment shading complements the skin tone.
3d scalp micropigmentation london, 3d scalp micropigmentation, simon symeou smp, scalp micropigmentation
3 dimensional scalp micropigmentation, 3d scalp micropigmentation, simon symeou smp, scalp micropigmentation
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simon symeou smp reception area, simon symeou smp, scalp micropigmentation london


Schedule your free, one to one consultation, and ask any questions you have about SMP. At Simon Symeou SMP, we are here to help you get back your confidence, your hairline, your looks, and your self esteem – your happiness comes first. 

You don’t need to hide from baldness – you can do something about it. 

Our prices are reasonable and competitive, considering the level of expertise we provide. Established in London since 2015, with multiple 5 Star Reviews on Google, we provide a leading  SMP service, with one of the very best in Simon Symeou. For reliability, trust and value – you can’t go wrong with Simon Symeou SMP.

There are many who will tell you they can give you what you want, but they just can’t. Be certain and get in touch with us. You’ll be really glad you did!

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SMP at Simon Symeou SMP works to World Class standards and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth! You will get the best experience!  Throughout our site you will find case studies, video reviews and client before and after pictures. We also have a YouTube channel.

In deciding about having SMP, remember to take your time and never feel pressured by anyone. If you have any questions, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to guide you in any way we can. Feel welcome to check out the rest of our website and our faq page.

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Originally SMP trained over 7 years ago by one of the best SMP technicians in the world, Simon Symeou consistently proves to be a World Class scalp micropigmentation provider.

Working out of London since 2015. An unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail & aftercare. Simon has established himself as a trusted go to expert in his field. Over 7 years performing SMP & prior to that, 15 years as a successful professional tattoo artist.
Has already transformed hairlines and the lives of many hundreds of clients. Simon Symeou SMP is the go-to choice for anyone looking for top-notch SMP services in London.

Simon's dedication to his craft and the positive impact he has had on his clients' self confidence & self-esteem truly set him apart as a standout SMP professional.

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