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Hair Loss Causes For Women

Scalp Micropigmentation for Female Hair Loss!


What Causes Hair Loss for Women?

Understanding the root cause of your hair loss is key to determining what course of action to take. Women’s hair loss stems from various factors, and a way forward to understanding and potentially resolving hair loss, can be found after the underlying cause is detected. Is your hair loss sudden or has it taken hold over a length of time?

simon symeou smp logo, scalp micropigmentation londonWhen hair thinning happens, the hair will gradually become less dense. There are instances where hair will grow back naturally on its own without any intervention. Immediate attention might be required to prevent permanent hair loss in certain instances though.

Of course you want to enjoy a luscious full head of hair, and sadly for many that reality just isn’t possible and so hair loss is then inevitable.

Women experience the distressing reality of hair loss shatters confidence and self-esteem. Better understanding of the causes (as mentioned before) is the first step toward effective hair and scalp management. 

There is a proven way of creating the appearance of 3d hair follicles through what is called Scalp Micropigmentation!


Female Genetics & Hair Loss in the Family

Genetics can affect females (and males) when it comes to hair loss. Hereditary female pattern baldness is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, and can lead to thinning hair.

Genes that have been inherited may cause your hair follicles to shrink and stop growing hair (similar to men). Earliest identification and treatment can help to slow down and even halt hair loss. 

Female Hormonal Imbalances

If your hormones are not in balance, this can trigger hair loss (thinning hair) in women. Hormone levels can be so up and down during childbirth and pregnancy. Even menopause and conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), can bring on hair loss.

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Javed Hafesji
Javed Hafesji
Spectacular place. Simon made me feel confident in understanding the steps and treatment beforehand, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Amazing customer service, very friendly. I compared many different artists, Simon's work is much more realistic, which you can compare from his instagram profile. His workplace is discreet and immaculate inside, on arrival, you will be offered simons special selection of coffee and tea😂. Simon had a passion for his work, and I can guarantee he will not allow his work to finish till you are satisfied.I highly recommend. Thank you Simon.
The results speak for themselves. A true professional while remaining a really humble down to earth guy. I honestly enjoyed each and every session and Simon remains there for support and advice till this very day. 5 out of 5 from me.
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
100% trustworthy and will do an incredible job
Al S
Al S
If you are looking for the best practitioner of SMP then look no further because you have found him - Simon is as good as it gets and he offers expertise that can't be found anywhere else. He is MORE than worth the price and will ensure that you are taken care of properly. I'm very glad that I found him and chose him to do my SMP; his attention to detail is top level and even with the work aside, he is just a great guy to chat with and be around. Even outside of the SMP he gave me a lot of great advice and knowledgeable insight on things for many topics. You will be in safe hands with Simon so I advise anyone reading this to contact him for SMP as soon as possible - your search has finally led you to the right place! I highly recommend. Thanks for taking care of me, Simon, and thanks for the great work. - Aaron
Patsy G
Patsy G
Just finished my 4th session of snp with Simon & couldn't be happier with my results. Simon is a true professional & from the moment I had my first consultation & he explained everything with me I knew he was the man for the job. I've got so much confidence back & I'm so glad that I decided to go ahead with getting it done it's the best investment I've made on myself
Carl Clark
Carl Clark
Went to Simon yesterday 2/12/2023 for SMP Absolutely amazing So happy with the end result, confidence through the roof and looking fresh !!!! I had previously had some consultations prior to finding Simon and when i did i knew he was the right person to do my SMP Answered all the questions i had and totally put me at ease with the procedure He is very professional and absolutely loves what he does, He is a really lovely guy and i mm so happy that’s who i went with The end result shows that I could not recommend Simon enough!!! Thank you so much Simon symeou your a legend!!!
Sarah D
Sarah D
Simon is fantastic. He will talk through everything with you, calm any nerves, he's an absolute gentleman. Excellent results. Highly recommended.
Gillian Palmer
Gillian Palmer
Thank you Simon for your excellent work . I can highly recommend him . Great attention to detail and precise . Jill
Renie Yade
Renie Yade
I’m a woman that suffered from traction alopecia which did affect my confidence for many years. My nightmare changed as soon as I met Simon. He did turn things around for me and restored my confidence with his work of Art! From his professionalism, to his warm personality, I can sincerely say without a shadow of doubt, Simon is unequivocally the best! If you’re thinking of having an SMP done, look no further. Thank you Simon for making it possible to smile each time I look in the mirror 🙏🏽
GE Decorations
GE Decorations
I will sum up Simon in a few words, 'a truly phenomenal artist'. It took me over a year to research the right company to do my SMP. Over that time, I kept coming back to Simon - I am so pleased I took the time to find the right person. Money, it is very simple, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. Some of the horrific SMP procedures I have seen, made me spend time to find the right person. If I could give Simon 10 STARS, I would! If anyone would like to talk to me, I have told Simon, I am happy for him to pass on my contact number. Thank you so much Simon, for changing my life for the better!

High Stress & Lifestyle Factors

If you experience high levels of stress, you may go through a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. Life has its ups and downs even roller coaster rides for some, and emotional upheavals and illness can lead to hair follicles temporarily entering what is called the resting phase.

A Balanced Diet & Good Nutrition

Do your best to follow a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals.  Being deficient in iron, zinc and biotin, can contribute to losing hair. For dietary advice you can speak with your doctor. 


Medication, Medical Conditions & Treatments for Women

If you receive chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer to your head or neck, hair loss is a common side effect that occurs within literally weeks of starting treatment.

After childbirth, recovering from an illness, or during stressful periods such as divorce or the loss of a loved one, excessive loss of hair can occur, but most will see hair regrowth within 6 to 9 months once that trigger is no longer around.

Some medications are known to cause hair to fall out. It is recommend to talk with your doctor before stopping any course of medication that has been prescribed to you. 

Psoriasis (itchy, flaky) of the scalp can lead to hair loss, but hair usually grows back once the psoriasis is under control.

If you pull on your hair (Trichotillomania), the recommendation is to stop doing it (you might not know you are doing it). It damages the hair follicles but hair will regrow from those follicles that haven’t been damaged.

Thyroid issues can cause hair thinning and sometimes hair falls out in clumps during brushing.

Having a scalp infection can mean scaly and inflamed areas on the scalp, and this is often followed by small black dots (stubs of hair).

When you take time to understand the causes, there is potential for regrowth. It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or dermatologist.

So, whether your hair loss is due to medical treatments, stress, medication, or any other factor mentioned here, there may be something you can do but on the other hand there might not. But there is always Scalp Micropigmentation!

Ask us how SMP can help you!

Alopecia & Scalp Alopecia Scarring

Scarring alopecia develops when inflammation & the body’s immune system destroys hair follicles and the hair follicles can no longer grow hair.

If you all of a sudden have small patches of hair fall out (round bald spots in various places on your head) you may have a condition called alopecia areata. It’s not contagious so don’t worry, and there will be no pain. The positive news is that there is a chance your hair will grow back, but it might easily fall out again. 

Simon Symeou SMP provides hair replacement solutions if you experience alopecia!

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Tight Hairstyles & Haircare

Do you have a tight pulled back hairstyle, or do you colour, perm or use heat styling and chemical treatments on your hair? This can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss (traction alopecia). Change how you care for your hair because when a hair follicle is damaged, hair won’t grow from it. A bald spot equals very many damaged hair follicles.


Hair Loss Caused by Ageing

The natural process of ageing often means slower  / slowed down hair growth. This applies to men as well as women, and a reduction in hair volume mixed with a loss of hair colour occurs. Sadly for many, hair follicle activity stops completely.

Hope remains in that, hair health, thickness and density can be effectively managed through attentive and appropriate hair care routines.

SMP is a solution you can consider!


Reasons to Choose Scalp Micropigmentation in London

SMP is a very effective solution when it comes to hair loss. Do you have male or female pattern baldness? Alopecia, or any other underlying factors? Scalp micropigmentation will transform your hair and conceal bald patches, areas of thinning, unsightly scars, and other hair-related issues.


Hair Loss Doesn't Have to be Forever

For All Bookings & Enquiries Please Call - 07398628454

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Our Hair Tattoo Reviews

What an experienced, amazing, genuine, caring, skilled person. Thank you Simon!
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he will listen to what and how you want it done and will give you the most natural results!
scalp micropigmentation review barnet, scalp micropigmentation review london, simon symeou smp


What Happens During SMP Treatment?

During an SMP procedure, a specialised Scalp Micropigmentation technique is used to apply a scalp tattoo (only it’s a not a tattoo in the traditional sense) to deposit tiny custom pigment dots onto the scalp. Each 3D dot replicates the look of a hair follicle.

There is no surgery, minimal discomfort and SMP is done over a series of sessions – all to achieve optimal results. The pigment used in SMP is specifically chosen to match the natural hair colour, and the correct angle, density, and distribution of the pigment dots is considered so what you have is a look that’s both realistic and natural.

Results are long lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Boost your Hairline with SMP!

The transformation that Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can bring about is truly remarkable – just ask our clients – helping individuals rebuild their self-confidence by restoring a natural-looking hairline is a pleasure. This transformation is something we’ve witnessed countless times!

Hair loss can often lead to a significant decline in self-esteem. While SMP is undoubtedly effective, it’s important to accept that SMP might not be ideal for everyone. So, it is crucial to invest enough of your time to research and make your decisions based on everything you learn and the SMP technicians you talk to and meet. 

We highly recommend consulting with a SMP specialist such as Simon Symeou SMP. Choose the solution that meets your needs.

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