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Scalp Micropigmentation Density

Is your hair longer or very short? Is your hair thinning or is it balding in patches? SMP for more density! 


Scalp Micropigmentation for Longer Hair
Add Density

When adding density to longer hair (or cropped down), the hair is worked through section by section. Here at Simon Symeou SMP, we have over 7 years SMP experience and SMP will give your hair a thicker, more dense, fuller appearance. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with us. Scalp Micropigmentation for density is the perfect solution if your hair is becoming thinner and the scalp is becoming more visible through your hair. SMP will also help if the parting for your hair is widening & when the hair on the crown is affected.


SMP Density is for Hair of All Lengths - Short & Long

Whether you are a male or female, SMP will help to cover balding or thinning areas of the scalp. When you agree to proceed with SMP you will naturally feel concerned about the process and the end result so don’t worry. 

You’ve noticed either a little or a lot of hair on your hair brush and on your pillow? The 3D SMP treatment creates the illusion of actual hair follicles on your scalp. The appearance of thicker, fuller hair can be achieved (on your hairline and anywhere else). You see it’s not impossible to achieve a full head of long hair with no apparent balding on display – with SMP!

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Based on 52 reviews
Javed Hafesji
Javed Hafesji
Spectacular place. Simon made me feel confident in understanding the steps and treatment beforehand, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Amazing customer service, very friendly. I compared many different artists, Simon's work is much more realistic, which you can compare from his instagram profile. His workplace is discreet and immaculate inside, on arrival, you will be offered simons special selection of coffee and tea😂. Simon had a passion for his work, and I can guarantee he will not allow his work to finish till you are satisfied.I highly recommend. Thank you Simon.
The results speak for themselves. A true professional while remaining a really humble down to earth guy. I honestly enjoyed each and every session and Simon remains there for support and advice till this very day. 5 out of 5 from me.
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
100% trustworthy and will do an incredible job
Al S
Al S
If you are looking for the best practitioner of SMP then look no further because you have found him - Simon is as good as it gets and he offers expertise that can't be found anywhere else. He is MORE than worth the price and will ensure that you are taken care of properly. I'm very glad that I found him and chose him to do my SMP; his attention to detail is top level and even with the work aside, he is just a great guy to chat with and be around. Even outside of the SMP he gave me a lot of great advice and knowledgeable insight on things for many topics. You will be in safe hands with Simon so I advise anyone reading this to contact him for SMP as soon as possible - your search has finally led you to the right place! I highly recommend. Thanks for taking care of me, Simon, and thanks for the great work. - Aaron
Patsy G
Patsy G
Just finished my 4th session of snp with Simon & couldn't be happier with my results. Simon is a true professional & from the moment I had my first consultation & he explained everything with me I knew he was the man for the job. I've got so much confidence back & I'm so glad that I decided to go ahead with getting it done it's the best investment I've made on myself
Carl Clark
Carl Clark
Went to Simon yesterday 2/12/2023 for SMP Absolutely amazing So happy with the end result, confidence through the roof and looking fresh !!!! I had previously had some consultations prior to finding Simon and when i did i knew he was the right person to do my SMP Answered all the questions i had and totally put me at ease with the procedure He is very professional and absolutely loves what he does, He is a really lovely guy and i mm so happy that’s who i went with The end result shows that I could not recommend Simon enough!!! Thank you so much Simon symeou your a legend!!!
Sarah D
Sarah D
Simon is fantastic. He will talk through everything with you, calm any nerves, he's an absolute gentleman. Excellent results. Highly recommended.
Gillian Palmer
Gillian Palmer
Thank you Simon for your excellent work . I can highly recommend him . Great attention to detail and precise . Jill
Renie Yade
Renie Yade
I’m a woman that suffered from traction alopecia which did affect my confidence for many years. My nightmare changed as soon as I met Simon. He did turn things around for me and restored my confidence with his work of Art! From his professionalism, to his warm personality, I can sincerely say without a shadow of doubt, Simon is unequivocally the best! If you’re thinking of having an SMP done, look no further. Thank you Simon for making it possible to smile each time I look in the mirror 🙏🏽
GE Decorations
GE Decorations
I will sum up Simon in a few words, 'a truly phenomenal artist'. It took me over a year to research the right company to do my SMP. Over that time, I kept coming back to Simon - I am so pleased I took the time to find the right person. Money, it is very simple, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. Some of the horrific SMP procedures I have seen, made me spend time to find the right person. If I could give Simon 10 STARS, I would! If anyone would like to talk to me, I have told Simon, I am happy for him to pass on my contact number. Thank you so much Simon, for changing my life for the better!
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Hair Tattoo - Lasting Results for Thicker Hair

Scalp micropigmentation does not create real hair and it doesn’t regrow hair or bring back hair follicles. SMP will blend in your existing hair with expertly placed pigment dots.

Has your hairline receded completely? Can you see visible bald spots? A full consultation will be needed to get a full grasp of your situation.

Experience a series of sessions so SMP can be applied to exact areas of your scalp, and you will have an appearance you will be happy with.

Long Hair & Short Hair Scalp Pigmentation for Men

The majority of men have short to mid length hair. SMP can be applied as mentioned previously. Remember SMP will fill in any areas where the scalp is visible, to maintain the look of thicker more luscious hair. If you have male pattern baldness there is a chance that you will experience further hair loss, and SMP will help you to manage shorter hair instead of longer hair. 

Long Hair Density Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Society still mostly tends to judge people on their looks & women included. A woman can feel different social pressures in terms of how to look in the company of friends, peers, colleagues and family. Sometimes just talking about hair loss can be embarrassing and  a bit of a taboo subject. 

Losing hair can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame and so much expectation is projected onto women via ample media and advertising. So generally both men and women may feel that they have a lot to live up to. 

Hair is often seen as an important part of identity and part of a person’s self-expression, so losing hair can lead to a loss of self confidence and self esteem. Hair falling out can mean a more aged and older appearance and SMP offers a genuine hair loss solution even when you think there is no option or way forward.

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Are you Considering Scalp Micropigmentation for Extra Density?

Are you just totally frustrated and tired of going about your day to day thinking you have to be stuck with your hair falling out? Well, SMP could well be the answer for you. SMP is cutting edge and it’s used by celebrities as well as people from all walks of life. 

Replicating hair follicles realistically, is what we do! There’s no surgery whatsoever and minimal discomfort (just ask our clients).

Who is Hair Density SMP For?

SMP is especially effective if you are experiencing hair loss, so whether it’s due to male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, or something else, SMP will cover up bald spots, thinning areas, scars and more. SMP is an innovative technique with effective solutions for your hair loss.


Add Hair Density with SMP

For All Bookings & Enquiries Please Call - 07398628454

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SMP is Life Changing!

SMP can also be combined with a hair transplant, and it is also an ideal solution for filling in any gaps left by hair loss. 

SMP can provide excellent coverage not just for early stages of hair thinning, but also for areas where the scalp is clearly visible within the hair around it.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Long Hair
Before & After

Browse our SMP Gallery and take a look at the many client before and after images & success stories. Would you like to be our next success story?


There is No Need to Compromise the Length of your Hair!

At Simon Symeou SMP, we pride ourselves on providing customised solutions. If you have medium length, shoulder length or even longer hair, SMP can work for you. We can work with your existing hair and blend in the pigmentation to create a natural result. If you have concerns around a receding hairline, thinning hair or scars on the scalp there is no need compromise your existing hair length.

Long Lasting Density SMP for Long Hair!

It’s amazing how SMP has already helped so many of our clients to regain confidence and their hairline. SMP works so if you would like to learn more get in touch with us to organise a free consultation!

Simon Symeou SMP

Professional SMP & Excellent Customer Aftercare.



Established Hair Density SMP in Hadley Wood, Barnet in London!

Simon Symeou SMP is proudly located in Barnet in London. SMP is available for all types of hair loss, so please let us know if we can help in any way. 

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